MI Communications

MI Communications Sdn. Bhd. is your utmost reliable communication partner. At MI Communications, our determination is to provide the most responsive, pragmatic; high technology based products and solutions at the highest quality and will continuously improve on our standards.
Active in the broadcast and satellite communications markets, MI Communications works very closely with many technology houses worldwide, which specialize in the provision of open infrastructure solutions into digital broadcasting age.

Long Exceptional History

MI Communications history starts with Menara Impian Sdn Bhd way back in 1992. Following the re-structuring to strategies the refl ect of what we were doing, MI Communications Sdn Bhd is established.


We bring your creativity into the real vision because we understand your desire and we know what you are talking about.
We only offer clients the best up to date solutions and make it fl exible to incorporate in the future technologies.
The future is your choice. Competition is fi erce in the Audio Visual industry, Productions are ever more demanding and technical evaluations follow rapid succession.
To keep up with the industry means to know what clients need. It is impossible to be competitive without everyone’s opinion counts. Therefore, let’s together start the discussion now. Give us your vision and we will help you make it happen!